Restaurant’s Philosophy

The Premier Levantine Mediterranean Fusion Kitchen in the Heart of Berlin offers an extraordinary culinary journey.

Step into our vibrant space, where traditional and modern touches blend seamlessly, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Levant and the Mediterranean. We aim to be the top destination for an unparalleled dining experience that unites a few culinary worlds.

Mored means Rebel, so don’t expect a normal fine dining experience.

Chef Yotam Alon

Our Talented Executive Chef Combines The Finest Ingredients And Time-Honored Recipes From Levantine And Mediterranean Traditions.

Each Dish Is Crafted With Passion And Precision, Ensuring A Symphony Of Flavors On Your Plate.

Exclusive Wines & Cocktails Menu

We Have Carefully Curated A Diverse Array Of Wines and Cocktails That Perfectly Complement The Rich And Intricate Flavors Of Our Cuisine, Ensuring An Extraordinary Dining Experience For Our Guests.

Münstersche Str. 11, Berlin, Germany 10709


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